If You Haven't Signed Up Yet

You can still ride Sunday!  Here are several delicious choices:

  1. Check out our Facebook page here.  Riders who signed up but now can't make it are offering their registrations for sale at good prices.  This is completely legal -- all you need is their first and last name. At morning check in just say, "I'm riding for XXX, but my name is..."  We'll have you sign the waiver and you're on your way.  You do NOT need the original buyer's wristbands -- we can give you new ones.  You can pedal any route distance, no matter what they signed up for.  We don't get involved in money transactions here -- it's up to buyer and seller to work it out, but services such as PayPal may be helpful.

  1. Because we are either angels of goodness or rotten to the core (hard to tell sometimes...) we saved 50 registrations for day-of sale.  These are more expensive than the registrations people are selling on Facebook (above). 


$170 without transportation

$240 with transportation

$75 Adding on r/t transportation if you don't have it but need it 


No checks. (NO CHECKS!)  These prices are cash-only.  We can take your credit card, but we need to add on a $7 service fee (because the credit card folks will charge us an extra $7, and because we're just plain mean.) 


If you want to take our transport for your bike and you, be at the corner of W. 31st Street and EIGHTH Avenue in Manhattan (in front of Penn Station/Madison Square Garden) at 4:00 a.m. sharp.  Transportation availability is limited so be on time.  We start loading bikes at 4 a.m. -- as soon as we see no more bikes we are leaving. 


If you are getting to the Greenport start line on your own, you can find driving directions here.  If you are the GPS type, set your unit for:


Maple Street and 6th Avenue

Greenport, NY


NOTE: These directions are slightly different than we have used in the past. Pleas be sure to use these new instructions, for incredibly dull reasons explained below.


o o o 


If You are Already Registered (or signing up day-of...)


All the details on where to show up, when, what time, can all be found in excruciating detail here


Couple VITAL last-minute changes (ain't there always!)  

  1. The parking lot that we have used in the past will be closed for repaving.  No problem-o -- we will be using the parking lot on the other side of Greenport High School.  Mentioning this only so that if you show up at our usual spot and don't see anyone you don't freak.  Driving directions to the new parking location here.  We'll put as many cars as we can there, and then use free, legal, street parking. Not to worry. 

This change of parking lot means that the first few turns on the bike route are different this year. No big deal, but for those of you regulars who have memorized the route, please be sure to follow our route sheet and painted marks and you'll be FINE.  

  1. CRUCIAL START-TIME INFO FOR SPEEDY RIDERS: There is a running race taking place on the same day of the ride.  If you are a fast rider who is doing the 100- or 72-mile route, and you rock out of Greenport on the early side, you are going to run smack into the race, and you'll have to stand there until the road is clear.  Ugh.  SO... if you average, say, 15 mph or faster, you should be leaving Greenport MUCH closer to 8:30 a.m., not 7:00 a.m.  Remember, these folks are racing against time; you're out for a leisurely bike ride.  We'll yield to them.  (Please don't tell anyone I'm being nice to runners -- I don't want to ruin my surly reputation...) 

  1. Bike, bike, bike, beer!  Our friends from Greenport Harbor Brewing will be at the Orient Point rest stop.  What's your hurry?  Have a terrific free Greenport Harbor Brewing beer (provided you are 21 years of age or older and can prove it).  Remember that we can not serve beer at our finish line since it is at a school, so if you dream of delicious beer, this is the time!  You'll be passing the actual brewery on the last stretch after you leave Orient, so depending on what time you get there stop and check it out! 

Of course anyone who drinks 37 beers and then tries to ride their bike is an idiot, and we will not hesitate to grab them by the ear (or any other appendage we can reach) and yank them off their bike.  We are tough but fair.

  1. A Special Free Treat!  Our expert out marker, Seth is offering this cool free tour:

Architectural Bicycle Tour of Historic Greenport


HALF HOUR bike-jaunt

4:30 pm Sunday 

Meet at the corner of Front and Main Streets (a few blocks from the high school)


You'll still have time for dinner, showers and massage, which are all open till 6:30.


Tour led by Seth


This exquisite town features residential and commercial mixes of 19th Century charmers designed in the Queen Anne, Italianate, Federal, Greek Revival and "Greenport Vernacular" styles. Join Seth for a breezy bike-stroll through the byways of extraordinarily urbane Greenport, which in its whaling, fishing and boat-building heyday, was a very productive and flourishing town, easily recognized still today in its well preserved and restored buildings.

  1. Jerseys, T-shirts, and Socks --  yup, since this is the last North Fork we have gone very light on clothing.  T-shirts for those who pre-ordered will be in Greenport, and a limited number of T-shirts will be available for sale at Greenport start/finish line.  A variety of socks will be there too.  Jerseys will NOT be in Greenport -- you can pre-order them here and we'll deliver them to you free in November when they arrive.

Have I forgotten anything? No doubt!  Our philosophy is stubbornly unchanged -- show up and we'll get you out on your bike and having fun; all the rest is piffle and we'll work it out later.  No more email until after the ride -- gotta load the gear truck.


FINALLY... I created this ride 10 years ago.  At the first ride the bad news is that it howled rain, and the good news is that I met my wife... and her boyfriend.  (OK, he's not her boyfriend anymore... I don't think...)  Of course that was also the day that we first met the Two Naked Asian Chicks (hey, they picked the name, not me) but that is a story for another day. 


Many of you have been with us on The Fork for years on excellent days and....slightly-less-than-excellent days.  If I don't say thank you often enough, well I should.  Thank you for making it all possible.  


We've been calling this the Last North Fork Century because the town of Southold has hinted that they will not issue us a permit again for reasons that escape my feeble brain. (Or as one cyclist emailed,"My spouse and I show up for North Fork every year and make a weekend out of it.  Between hotel, meals, gas, and shopping we probably drop $2,000 in Southold.  What is it about our money that they don't like?")


ANYWAY... we will be back.  I don't know when, but things change over time. I'll look forward to seeing all of you on The Fork someday. (Of course until then I will be endlessly huckstering our other rides -- poor you!)





Photo of the North Fork route by Pamela Cattel-De Maaijer